Had an interesting morning the other dayÖ..


Letís see, as my recollection of the dream begins, I was back in Los Angeles.  I checked my answering machine messages, and there was one from a friend of mine, basically saying ďHey, since youíre back in town, want to get together for some sushi?Ē.  At this point I realized that my family (including some extended family) was gathered at my parents house, and we were going to have a big family dinner - of sushi, in fact - so clearly going out with my friend was impossible.  I decided to call her back to inform her of this fact, and suggest possibly hanging out after dinner instead. 

  At this point, I need to break to let you know that, to the best of my recollection, I have _never_ been able to speak on the telephone in a dream.  Seriously, every time I try, I find that the conversation (both parts) get very muddied.  I will then struggle to understand what the voice on the other end is saying, and to make myself understood.  At this point, I will wake up, and find myself mumbling whatever it was I was trying to say in the dream (usually with my right hand pressed against the side of my face, as though holding a receiver).

  So, I make the phone call, and as always, I wake up.  I notice that Iím actually holding my cell phone next to my head (I sleep with the phone at the edge of my bed, as it is my only timepiece).  Iím slightly disoriented, which is natural when I wake from a vivid dream.  Looking around, however, Iím still unable to get my bearings.  After a moment, I realize that Iím not in Los Angeles, Iím still in British Columbia; I am _not_ in my own vehicle, though.  Iím in some unfamiliar mid-sized sedan.  Canít remember how I happened to go to bed in some strange car.  What I do know is that I should get my stuff together and get out of here and back to my RV before anyone starts asking me questions I canít answer.

  As I slip out of the vehicle, I wake up, and realize that it was still a dream.

  Whenever I have dreams like this, I try to go over them in my head immediately so I can remember them in as much detail as possible. 

  The next day, I told some friends about the dream, in as much detail as I was able to recall.  I was really curious if anyone had any ideas what could have caused it, if anyone had and similar experiences, etc.  I figured it was likely that Iíd had a long day driving the day before, then when I stopped I basically had two large beef hot-dogs and a beer and went straight to bed.

   I was so wrapped up in trying to figure out the causes of the dreams, it didnít even occur to me that the friends with whom I was discussing it were in Los Angeles, and that Iíd fallen asleep again while trying to remember the dream.

  Sometimes it just doesnít pay to wake up.

  Sometimes you canít tell if it does or doesnít.